I’ve downloaded the FileZilla for MAC from FileZilla Official Website https://filezilla-project.org/ and installed successfully.
After installation when i run the FileZilla application then i’ve found some errors and unable to open the software.


I’ve asked this question on virtual community and commented on dozen of related articles, unfortunately issue is not resolved.

After a week, due to work burden, I must need the fileZilla and researched all to the day to fix and Wow! i got the solution and it works pretty cool now. 🙂

I am writing this blog, to save your 24 hours and you can resolve this issue in 1 minute.

Follow sequentially each 5 Steps to Get Rid from the filezilla errors:

Step 1
Make it sure, latest filezilla is installed in your MAC and the application is not running, if it is running then quit the application(filezilla).

If you don’t have installed then download it from here and install:

Download filezilla

Step 2
Remember this Path: /Users/nekores/.config
Step 3
In my case, the user is nekores, check your user account name and replace the nekores in the given path(Step2).
Step 4
Click on FINDER app and use this shortcut inside the FINDER CTRL + SHIFT + G to get the search file by path and Paste the path(step1 + step2) into popup that ask you to write something, then press Enter key.
It will take you into .config directory.
Step 6
Create new folder inside .config directory namely filezilla , remember the directory name should be in small case.
If this trick is not working in your case then asks us in comment. For further assistance our customer support team is available.

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