Well, it is natural that everyone wants to achieve everything, but i’ll not say it is not possible, everything is possible, But its fact that it’s very hard to make it possible. You wanna may be a doctor, engineer, programmer or designer etc. Yes! you can be, But you can’t be everything at the same time. You can be an only perfect doctor or only perfect engineer at the same time. If you wanna be both then it’s fact that there will be no perfection, Dear reader! don’t do excessive every-time neither think access. You will be messed up with bunch of goals, thoughts and even unable to set a goal and make yourself specific and niether satisfaction and happiness in your life.

You must have to know that what i’ve experienced in my life, You know I believe it’s so simple to set a goal. The big question is how?

Well! Again i am saying , it is so simple. But the question is How? because this is not the actual answer Hahahh!, Don’t be serious while reading this. I’ll need your smile here to go through.

Alright! No Fun, Let’s be serious and be focus while reading ahead, I am telling you the simple and smart way! One thing keep in your memory before getting to know the smart way, you don’t think that career is your whole life. As i told you before, that you can’t be everything at the same time. You have to specified yourself in a particular field. Choose a best field, Ride and trip to journey to achieve the goal. But the question is, How to set a goal and How to be specific??

Well, Dears and nears, I am asking you one thing? what is doctor, engineer, programmer or designer etc, its your max 6-8 hours of your whole day and what about the remaining hours of the day, everything believes those remaining hours are your actual life and precious hours of your life. Feel it that’s why it seems complex for you, Coz you have set as full time and no time for mind refresh and other activities and precious moments of your life. Don’t miss the precious moments of your life, gone time never comes back. When any question arises we human every time go through complex way then turns into simple way and solve!

Just Think! You are going to spend only 6 to 8 hours to your job. So, it’s so simple! Don’t take it complex, try it easy. What if you unable to achieve your goal, what if you unable to be a doctor, engineer…. that you dreamed. You have the remaining beautiful hours, the precious time that which is your whole life! your family, your child, your home, you social life, your friends, your exercise… Be satisfied from your life, either your are failed or succeed.

Jack MA well said to his son that: “Son you don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person has enough free time to learn other skills”.

Most of us lose the race and challenges, when they failed to achieve their goal on first attempt. Don’t forget 99% of successful people become successful after having go through failures and hurdles many time again and again.

That’s it, failure is just a hint to move ahead more precisely to go through towards your goal.
I’ll try to explain the failure in short story!

I remember very well when i was 7 year and first time admitted to school, a teacher gave me a paper which contains some alphabets in the form of dots format, i have marked those alphabets very precisely and with perfection which consists of large quantity of dots near to each other. While those alphabets which are in format of less quantity of dots and those dots are far from each other, I marked but not precisely and neither perfection with dozens of confusions, why because it much effort and more experience. So where is the perfection, OffCourse, in which large quantity of dots that are near to each other.

Those dots are, likely to failures in your life, On each dot you look forward and backward to take further step for better and perfection, Right! , as how much you are failed as it as you’re be able to achieve the perfection to achieve your goal with more power and experience. Because next time you’re not gonna through previous step, because you have already experienced with it, that was failure step. It is very important that you should give positive reward to yourself, well, I am failed and I shouldn’t stop here, because i have experienced and got hint to go ahead and I am near to my goal.

Remember! A person who achieves his/her goal lucky on first attempt have didn’t much experience as compare to the person who stuck in problems, failed failed failed…. Then achieved goal. Because he/she suffered from failures and he/she is much more strong and powerful. As like the dots, he or she can easily and precisely predicts the next step. Then step, step, step … and finally! congratulations for achieving the goal.

At last few words, don’t forget never ever.

 Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler. And the day after tomorrow is beautiful

Jack MA

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