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What is sajidullah.com?

Well, Thanks for asking! It is my live resume and blog. I have tried to focus about me and my skills and portfolio. Mostly clients asks for portfolio or resume, so I have decided to have my own live resume.

Is it a company?

Not a company, It’s just my live resume.

What you need to start work?

Well, It depends upon the nature of project, But i need what you have related to work. Examples, competitors or existing design or code etc.

How do i contact you?

Yup! You can get in touch us any time. I would love to response you back as soon as possible. Here you go: Contact

Why you feel up need personal website?

Well, I have around 8 years of experience with freelancing. More than half of my client asked for my personal resume, site , portfolio. So the idea comes to my mind to have personal website.

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